Five Great Reasons Why You Should Consider Playing Curling

  • Jul 01, 2020

Curling started in Scotland started back in the 16th century, and it has since gained popularity in many other countries around the world, even in countries where you would not expect an ice sport to be popular such as Australia and Brazil. If you have not tried curling yet, then I will forgive you, but below you can find six reasons why you really should give it a go.


It Is Something That Anyone Can Play

Curling has got to be one of the more inclusive sports that you will come across. You can play this sport if you are in a wheelchair, if you are hearing or visually impaired, if you are old, or if you are young. This sport has such a large age range that small kids can use lighter rocks until they are strong enough to push the bigger ones. You also do not have to be physically fit in order to play, but it definitely helps as sweeping and throwing can get quite intense.

It Is Inexpensive

You do not need to purchase skates, helmets, or pads to play curling. All that you need is a membership to a curling club and some basic gear (all that you need are some loose-fitting pants and rubber-soled shoes). If you are going to join a big city club then you will probably have to pay around $400 for a yearly membership, while if you join a small city club then you are probably looking at a yearly membership somewhere in the region of $200-300. This is cheaper than many gym memberships that you will come across. However, I must warn you that can spend a pretty penny buying some pints for the other team after a game.

It is Very Good for Your Mind

Curling is a game that is all about strategy and precision. Many people refer to it as chess on ice and I find it hard to disagree with that nickname. You can learn the basic rules of curling in a couple of hours, but it will take many years learn how to read the ice properly, evaluate how the other team is playing, and make choices accordingly. When you are playing this game, you have to be completely focused, which is a great workout for your brain.


It is a Very Social Sport

If you love to socialize, then you will be glad to hear that you will be doing plenty of socializing when playing curling. Communication is key in the sport as week as good sportsmanship. For instance, sweeps are always expected to own up to any accidental fouls that they make, such as touching a stone. So, there is competition and rivalry in this sport, but curlers are always expected to be courteous and friendly, even if they are losing. Also, getting a drink with your opponents after a match is pretty much a given, so you will be guaranteed to make some new friends.

It Is Safe to Play

Yes, your quads might feel like they are on fire after your first few games, and yes, you can slip on the ice or trip over a stone, but all in all, curling is much safer than many other winter sports. You know, those ones that include you having to wear blades or hurtling down a mountain at break-neck speeds. There is no safety equipment required for curling apart from a designated driver after the post-match drinks.